Tech Issues

Updating Driver for Wifi Adapter in Ubuntu

Warning ! This code blocks are obtained from stack over flow, this particular blog post to emphasize a little bit more from the issues related to that. Since the time I started using external Wifi Adapter, the wifi connections lost even though the symbol says connected, I have looked into several suggestions but that doesn't… Continue reading Updating Driver for Wifi Adapter in Ubuntu


Packaging Artifacts as CApp

Warning ! This just based on my project example bit more explainable with some sort come I faced when blindly following the prescribed instructions, some time it may not suitable in some cases.But this is somehow useful. CApp CApp defines the composite apps containing several artifacts related to analytics both real-time and batch analytics. It… Continue reading Packaging Artifacts as CApp


Some Useful Libraries with JQuery

Warning ! This post contents are just for purpose of sharing some issues I faced during my Internship projects for design iframe for gadget designing. Hope it will be same work for html pages too.  Accordion  - Not a Library This is inside the JQuery, you need to add the JQuery related js files and… Continue reading Some Useful Libraries with JQuery


Datatables Makes Things Easy

Warning ! This is based on my self research,Jerad aiyaa's guidance. The things I included here are based on the things I looked in, but Data-tables are more things to dealt with. Data tables are jquery based library which is used to make the tables looks nice and display, searching, pagination and other lots of… Continue reading Datatables Makes Things Easy