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Multi-tag Reading with RDM6300?

Warning !

This is question, towards audience and your suggestion and comments are warmly welcomed. And I have shared some interesting facts that I came across trying for it.

What is RDM6300 ? 

It is a RFID reader which operates in the frequency of 125kHz. As far i researched on it, It works with arduino or any another serial adapting device. It can operate in two modes UART and Serial. For my case of study I go with Serial.

It contains 3 set of pins. 1 Set (with 2 pins in one side and other side is empty) for Antenna which comes along side with RDM6300 ,another 1 Set (with 3 pins opposite to 5 pin set) for powersupply (inner most two are used for power and ground respectively) and final set is for communication, but that can be used for powersupply also.(the last pin in outermost is used for tx and one before is rx. for serial only tx need to be connected and not rx, for UART both should be connected)


How to Connect RDM6300 for Serial Communication ?

For serial communication, it depends on the receive part. So incase you are using Arduino nano or uno you can use 2 as the receiving part, but for Arduino mega we can’t use 2 because in Arduino mega’s architecture not all ports are receiving. So it is better use some latter ports like 10.

How RFID Reader Works generally ?

The reader is an active device means it can be sourced and tags or cards is passive device, which don’t have source, but it have ability to induce current. When a powered active device like reader moves towards tag, passive induction coil get inducted and started to radiate RF waves using this RFID transmit data. So if we consider two stuffs come closer it will make it radiate, but incase of receiving signal back from them, it will end up in collision, that one in the front will block the next one to transmit back the signal. That’s why we can’t able to read multi-tags at a time.

Is this RFID Reader Capable for Multitag Reading ? 

This was actually the topic of this Discussion, based my research in this topic I have found out few solution, Such as

  1. Using a different Reader Instead of this Like MRFC522 Module which supports Multi-tag reading at the same time. There is also a library found in github to enable this.
  2. Implementing an Anti Collision Algorithm. The reason for not reading more than one tag is due to Collision between low frequency signals, thus one signal block another. So when we took more than 2 tags at a time only the one which comes in first will successfully scanned others are blocked.


I am asking Are there any suggestion to resolve this ???

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