Short Semester

Generally  we have a semester of 21 to 23 weeks,but this time straight after our  we had a semester with 8 weeks,6 weeks of lectures and after every three weeks of lectures we had break one for reading and another for writing. Though it is small but contents are much and more. We had 4/5 subjects to take.

I choose digital photography as humanity subject. It was filled with lectures with presentation and photo describing; practicals of photo shoots during the sunday of 3rd 5th and 6th lecture weeks. It was quite interesting subject and I was able to understand basic of photography and taking photo.

And next choice was formal methods in software engineering. A subject I loved most in this semester. It explains about formally specify systems specially safety critical systems and kind of formal analysis (proofing the specification) to validity of the system.

Then next choice was Human computer Interaction it was now stepped into new era as User Experience. It was quite interesting subject.

I also take research and report writing and professional practice which are compulsory for us.

Though it says short semester;it had lot of think to learn.


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