Tech Issues

Search Comparator & Apache Lucene

Warning ! This content is based on the the issue I faced while doing analyzing with search comparator for queries associated with HL7 message field.(but this is applicable for sample scenarios whether the lucene queries can be used. Apache Lucene is one of the best Query language to search queries quickly but It will fetch the… Continue reading Search Comparator & Apache Lucene

Tech Issues

Unusual Arbitrary Attribute

Warning ! This content is based on the the issue I faced while doing analyzing with Arbitrary attribute of HL7. It is common for cases where arbitrary attributes are similar to the case of HL7 When we are fetching data in WSO2 DAS through ESB from HAPI test-panel, we are also getting arbitrary attributes related to HL7… Continue reading Unusual Arbitrary Attribute

Tech Issues

Installing a Developing Feature

Warning ! The content was not belongs to me, I just do some value addition to reference by explaining my project scenario with this. For clear understanding and deep learning go through references. Carbon Features are set of Features which was developed for support of WSO2 Products, these are installed by default or manually. For… Continue reading Installing a Developing Feature

Que & Ans

Multi-tag Reading with RDM6300?

Warning ! This is question, towards audience and your suggestion and comments are warmly welcomed. And I have shared some interesting facts that I came across trying for it. What is RDM6300 ?  It is a RFID reader which operates in the frequency of 125kHz. As far i researched on it, It works with arduino… Continue reading Multi-tag Reading with RDM6300?


HL7 Monitoring Solutions

Warning ! Though this content is belongs to me, It was based on the official sites of the relative companies and some YouTube and google search. So Don't take this a official document for technical purpose. This just to give an Simple Comparison among different HL7 Monitoring Solutions. Category \ Company Extrahop Corepoint Health CCI… Continue reading HL7 Monitoring Solutions